Comparatively speaking, sanding block is one of the materials which are in a wider application of. It stands out because of the speciality others are shart of.Here comes four aspects to illustrate:
(1).Its storage life is much longer in a dry, ventilated environment, that is,its service life is longer.
(2).With high stability,it carries on solidification in acidic solution.
(3).Its permeability is relted to its thickness. We can produce varies sanding block with different thickness which means different permeability according to clients' varies demands.
(4). For the high intensity, sanding block can be conveniently used without being easy to be damaged.

Putty knife, a kind of assistive tool with great practical value, is small and convenient to be carried! Classed as one of auxiliary paint tools, this hand tool is widely used and very popular with painters in building-construction as well as daily life mostly because of its "clean and paint" functions.
Surface finishing of putty knife's blade is commonly divided into two kinds: surface polishing (belt-grinding) & mirror polishing (making blade a mirror). Users can choose a suitable handle according to usage and owners' hobby from wood, plastic and ferreous ones.Thereinto, plastic handles, with two colors to be chosen, feels better with beautiful appearance.

In order to reduce the damage from the hammer as much as possible, we make the head of hammer softer than steel and head of hammer wider to spread the impact of hammer to a broader area. To put it simply, we should choose a much softer material compared with the material we’re to hit to produce a rubber hammer.
The head of hammer will be damaged for its softness. Therefore, we make it demountable for which replacement and maintenance will be much easier when something very hard or very soft is hit.
Armed with rubber hammer, anything can be chiseled without damage for we can match a suitable hammer head on the basis of target objects.

plaster trowel is such a extremely useful and indispensable construction tool that every builder has one.
Traditional plaster trowel is made of stainless steel or carbon steel. But now more competitive material comes out -- Plastic, made of which plaster trowels are much lighter but strong enough to be carried and used. For its well painted wall and a lower price, numbers of customers abroad have already replaced usual wooden and iron trowels with plastic ones.

The surface treatment of the putty knife blade is commonly divided into ordinary polishing(when the steel belt is delivered by sand) and mirror polishing(a type of metal steel belt surface treatment with the same effect as a mirror).
The handle is divided into wooden handles, plastic handles(plastic handles have a two-color handle that looks beautiful and comfortable), iron handles, and all-plastic putty knives, according to the user's habits and uses. user's habits and uses.

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Established in 2004, Jinhua Xinfeng Tools Factory specializes in manufactur-ing and exploring various kinds of construction tools, such as plaster trowels,sanding block, putty knives, hammers, and Extension support rod so on. We export them to many countries and regions, including the Asian, European, American, and African markets. Our goods have a great reputation and enjoy quick sales in these markets. We have built up long-term business cooperation with the well known resellers such as Walmart.




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