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The main performance of plastic sand

The application of plastic sand is relatively wide, it is a reason to stand out because it has other features do not have, the following mainly from four aspects to illustrate.

£¨1£© Plastic sand blocks in a dry, ventilated environment to save a longer period of time, that is, longer life.

£¨2£©Plastic sand block stability, in acidic solution will be cured.

£¨3£©Plastic sand block permeability is related to the thickness of plastic sand blocks, according to different needs to create different thickness of the plastic permeability of different sand.

£¨4£©Plastic sand block of high strength, in the use of more convenient, easy to damage.

Putty knife use

Putty knife but quite useful auxiliary products, it is small and lightweight, practical very high! Putty Putter is one of the most frequently used hand tools used in painters. It is easy to use and can be widely used by scraping, shoveling, painting, filling, construction and life.

Putty knife blade surface treatment is common into ordinary polishing (steel strip after the factory by sand throw), mirror polishing (metal steel surface treatment of a kind of effect and mirror the same). Handle is divided into wooden handle, plastic handle (plastic handle with two-color handle looks beautiful and comfortable), iron handle, all plastic putty knife, according to the user's habits and uses.

Rubber hammer features

The hammer of the rubber hammer is soft in order to minimize the damage to the blows. Its hammer head is relatively wide so that the force can be dispersed to a wider area, with the material than the steel soft. When choosing a rubber hammer, choose a material that is softer than the material you want to hammer.

Because the hammer is soft so it will wear off, so the hammer is removable, easy to replace, repair, so you can hit the harder or softer material quickly converted.

Rubber hammers can do smashing things at the same time do not cause damage, replace the hammer to support the use of objects in different materials.

Plastic plaster features

Plastic plaster is a very practical construction tool, this product as long as the construction industry will appear, and is a vital tool!

Plastic plaster Traditionally, stainless steel or carbon steel material, and now have a more durable plastic material, this material plastic plaster weight light, long grip is not tired, good strength, brush out the wall effect Well, and the price is cheaper. Many foreign customers are now using plastic plaster instead of ordinary wood or iron plaster!

Plastic rake features

Super toughness, easy to break, low temperature, anti-ultraviolet, clean products without burrs. Handle and rake with threaded connection, solid and reliable reinforcement of high-quality materials, enhanced structural design, so that the rake is not easy to deformation, to maintain the original shape, and provides additional stiffness and strength. Light and durable, easy to use, is a must for home products.