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product name£ºXF-T005


SIZE£º280x140mm 250x130mm 220x130mm 220x70mm

DESCRIPTION£ºFloats WithYellow Soft Sponge

Contact person£º Fang Jinghua
Mobile phone£º13655797988
address£ºYahuang Village, xiaoshun Town, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China

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XF-T005 Is the most commonly used one, mainly used for carpentry material wall cleaning stone polishing, etc., relative to other materials, the plaster board, Plastic plaster board more lightweight, stable, will not rust the impact of the use of The Plastic plast
Jinhua new front tool factory specializing in the production of plastic plaster board, Plastic sand, Sand board and other construction tools, by many countries at home and abroad, the trust and love of consumers, first-class quality, courteous service, we
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