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DESCRIPTION£ºDead Blow Hammer

Contact person£º Fang Jinghua
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address£ºYahuang Village, xiaoshun Town, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China

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XF-H009(1) Is a hammer in the hammer manufacturers are more popular in a class, compared with the traditional hammer, No hammer in the use of more secure, not because of the rebound problem and hurt the use of personnel.
A hammer is a tool that hits an object to move or deform it. The most commonly used to knock nails, correct or knock on the object. The hammer has a wide variety of forms, the common form is the handle handle and the top. The top side is flat to percussio
Buy hammer installed, no hammer and other products, to Plastic sand manufacturers Jinhua new front tool factory, we produce rubber hammer and other products of good quality and low prices.
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